Physicians in Transition is now available!

by Rich

Greetings friends & colleagues,

I’m excited to report that the much anticipated Vol. 1 (first 25 episodes) of Physicians in Transition is now shipping!

Again, I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone involved in the project. It simply would not have been possible without you!

Foreword by Michelle Mudge-Riley:

This is more than a book about physicians in transition, it is a book about remarkable people who have overcome obstacles in the pursuit of personal happiness and career satisfaction.

Most physicians entered the medical field believing that sacrifices were inevitable but that the hard work and dedication would lead to a successful and satisfying career. Most people think the term “physician” implies the ultimate professional career choice. Why aren’t physicians happy? What obstacles prevent them from this personal and career fulfillment?

For some physicians, the stress levels have progressed to the point of exhaustion and fatigue and in more severe cases, substance abuse or severe depression.

This book will introduce you to individual doctors who felt lost, trapped, exhausted, sick, guilty, frightened and an array of other emotions. These doctors may not have understood the feelings or the root cause of the problem but they faced it head on, got through it and overcame the feelings.

List of Doctors featured in Volume 1:

  • Dr. David Best, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Dr. Mark Browne, Physician Executive
  • Dr. Jonathan Cargan, President, Freelance Author,Consultant
  • Dr. Lisa Chu , Musician, Life Coach, Entrepreneur
  • Dr. Kenneth Cohn, Author, Founder, Cancer Survivor
  • Dr. Jay Crutchfield, Surgical Arts
  • Dr. Zoe Deol, Freelance Guru
  • Dr. Robin Dhillon, Trainer, Consultant, Living with MS
  • Dr. Harry Greenspun, Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. Alan Jacobson, Navy Veteran – Operation Desert Storm
  • Dr. Philippa Kennealy, The Entrepreneurial MD
  • Dr. Joseph Kim, Physician Technologist
  • Dr. Michael McLaughlin, Author and Co-Founder
  • Dr. Ola Medhat , Physician Advisor
  • Dr. Rita Meek, Medical Director
  • Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley, The Doctor’s Doctor
  • Dr. Gabor Oroszlan, Senior Marketing Manager
  • Dr. Mary Padilla, Cytopathologist
  • Dr. Gail Reilly, Transitional Medicine
  • Dr. Angela Scharnhorst, Health Services Administrator
  • Dr. Mark Schnitzer, International Trainer
  • Dr. Andrew Schwartz, Holistic Clinician
  • Dr. Kelly Sennholz, Founder, Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. Rebecca Winokur, Senior Clinical Content Editor
  • Dr. Brian Young, Medical Writer and Consultant

Note: This title is currently only shipping to USA addresses.  Contact us if you live outside the USA and we will gladly arrange for shipment outside the us.

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